Celebrity Slim Active Strawberry Shake

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Introducing our BRAND NEW delicious and effective shakes: Celebrity Slim Active. Celebrity Slim Active can be used on all three phases of the Celebrity Slim Programme. If you are looking for Rapid Results, we would recommend following the new kick start phase of the Celebrity Slim Program: Rapid Phase. It has been designed to be used for a week or two and will help kick start your weight loss and get you motivated for moving onto the 'Trim' phase. Celebrity Slim Active differs from the original Celebrity Slim range because it's formulated to be mixed with skimmed milk. When used on the Rapid Phase, it is designed to be consumed 3 times a day along with a healthy balanced meal in order help maximise weight loss results. There are no snacks allowed on the Rapid Phase, only three shakes, your balanced meal and the usual 2 litres of water. We also recommend that you exercise whilst on the Rapid phase, where as on the Trim Phase it is optional. Celebrity Slim Active also contains the active ingredient CarnipureTM L-Carnitine which can be found in lots of other sports nutrition products. Each 840g tub contains 21 x 40g servings, so this is enough for your three shakes for 7 days. Directions of use: 2 scoops of shake powder to be mixed with 200ml of skimmed milk. During the Rapid Phase, replace two meals each day with three Active Shakes. Add 200ml of cold skimmed milk into a Celebrity Slim Shaker. Add 2 scoops of Celebrity Slim Active and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. It is important to maintain an adequate daily fluid intake when using this product. It is important to follow these directions.Combine meal replacements with exercise for effective weight loss
21 strawberry flavour shakes - just add skimmed milk!
High protein, calorie-controlled with 23 vitamins and minerals
Safe, healthy and effective weight loss
Easy-to-follow programme - replace 3 meals a day, enjoy a healthy balanced meal and daily exercise - no calorie-counting or points!

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