Fuel-FX Complete Fuel high protein meal replacement

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51hpyUdUfhL - Fuel-FX Complete Fuel high protein meal replacement
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q25bNRh - Fuel-FX Complete Fuel high protein meal replacement

THE ALL IN ONE FUEL MEAL A completely nutritional meal all in one convenient shake to keep you full and fuelled, enabling your body to work as it needs to on a daily basis. Eating a nutritionally complete meal has never been simpler. Everything your body needs from a meal is contained within a single serving of SUPERFUEL COMPLETE FUEL. Simply mix with water, drink as it is with our 4 delicious flavours or add some frozen fruit, super greens, nuts, berries, whatever takes your fancy, it's your choice. Replace 1 or more of your meals any day or even every day with this no fuss complete nutritional meal on the go. This will FUEL you through your day, keeping you full, fuelled and energized. Perfect for people on the go, looking to replace meals, control their daily calorie intake, short on time for preparing meals whatever time of day or just a change from their daily diet. A healthy alternative to regular food, without the hassle and fuss of actually having to prepare a meal which we all know, can take up a lot of our time on a daily basis. Cheap, easy, quick and packed with nutritional goodness, it's packed with all the carbohydrates, whey protein, fats, fibre, flaxseed, oats, vitamins and minerals your body needs, what more could you ask for! Go on FUEL UP.. Food for FUEL, FUEL for life.. FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT. www.fuel-fx.co.ukFuel-FX Complete Fuel high protein meal replacement

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